About Us

Boutique Directory, Website, Location-based Mobile App

Shop Local Wherever You Are. Butiqe is bringing back the experience of shopping! Born from 15-years spent in the fashion industry, Founder, Brandy Rametta, saw an opportunity to give fashionistas and stylish men a convenient way to get back into the store to support and showcase small business owners and speciality clothing boutiques.  


Shopping? While online shopping may do the convenient trick sometimes, we all know how much of a hassle it is to return items or to receive products that don’t look like they appeared online. In a pinch, Butiqe is the best bet to find the perfect last-minute little black dress, cover a few days of outfits in the case of lost luggage or simply the solution to finding a spot that you know will serve a glass of champagne to sip while you shop. Use Butiqe to cruise stores online or via the app, connect to boutiques and check out fun pop-up events and store inventory.


Yelp no more! Stay dressed to the nines, bring the best gift to the party, or get your shopping fix and support local business by downloading the Butiqe App today!


The Way It Works -

  1. Download and Install the Butiqe App on your Apple or Android Smartphone

  2. Open the App when looking to shop and let it use your geographic location to find a nearby boutique or item to pop in and purchase

  3. Looking for a specific item? Search the inventories of boutiques close to you - ex. "denim jacket"


*For the Boutique Owner...


Allow your most-desired customer to see everything hanging in your store! Designed specifically with the Boutique Owner in mind, Butiqe is an easy-to-use and helpful marketing tool. Let Butiqe help you engage with your target market and give shoppers their unique In-Store Shopping Experience back while increasing website, social media and foot traffic.