About Us

Shop Local. Wherever you are.

Come back to getting a personal shopping experience. Butiqe is an easy way for shoppers to use the convenience of mobility to browse inventory from local specialty clothing stores, and get their quick shopping fixes in person!

The Butiqe website and mobile apps are both a directory tailored for specialty stores, and an easy-to-use marketing tool that helps store owners bring shoppers back into brick-and-mortar stores. Though online shopping has proved to be a highly successful model, shoppers dislike returning items that don’t fit quite right, or receiving products that don’t look like they appeared online. Also, shoppers often need a specific item immediately, so the time it takes for shipping—even next-day delivery—is not an option.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where to buy that cocktail dress you need for tonight’s party or, know where to buy that special outfit for your baby? Butiqe allows shoppers to cruise stores online, connect with them and come right in to pick it up—anywhere in their local vicinity. When the Butiqe app is installed on a users’ smartphone, all stores surrounding that user’s geographic location will populate so that the user can see what options are available to them. Another advantage for shoppers is the ability to search for specific types of items. Butiqe stores carrying those items within their vicinity will be visible. For example: need a maxi dress for Sunday brunch with the girls? No problem! Choose “MAXI DRESSES” from the menu, review the results and decide which store or stores you’re going to visit.

Our goal at Butiqe is to help shoppers stay connected with specialty stores across the country and help support and promote local businesses.

Butiqe. Bringing back the personal shopping experience. Everyone wins.