Los Angeles has always been the epicenter for progressive thinkers to join together. The city hosts the best urban culture from art to fashion. With such a heavy influence of creative energy, these artists attract like minded individuals who also express themselves through their clothing and other creative outlets. The outside world looks to Los Angeles for fashion inspiration and consumes our entertainment and music culture. Thousands of people flock to Los Angeles every year from all around the world to live or visit, but what is the culture really like in Los Angeles present day?


There is heavy influence from Latin America as the word Los Angeles itself comes from Latin origin, and is Spanish for ‘The Angels’. The current exhibit Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985  at the Hammer Museum, is an interesting take on intersectional feminism during a revolutionary time period. It is a compilation of Latin American and US-born Chicana and Latina artists. Fifteen countries are represented in the the exhibition with photography, video and experimental mediums. There are a lot of eye catching video segments about sexuality, racial equality and other opinions and views from the oppressed. The artwork exudes deep thought and passion in a “shove it in your face” kind of way. This free spirited rebellious attitude is very apparent in Los Angeles today.




The exhibits above depict an enveloping sense of restrained violence, and the commonalities between women across all cultures and age groups. Although the artwork is from an older time period, we are still facing the same issues today. Fashion and the arts are currently in an experimental time. People are trying to find their sense of style in a world that feels crowded from the over exposure and constant stimulation from social media. Color seems to be very important in the present day Los Angeles art scene, more importantly bright colors like the color yellow shown below. Could these bright colors in our clothes, hair and accessories mean that we are reflecting the colorful exuberant culture of Los Angeles? A city filled with creatives who all want to be heard and seen. The Radical Women  exhibit is a clear representation of what it means to be an Angeleno. The culture in LA is constantly evolving, but at the core it has always been about acceptance and self-expression. The city of angels, more like land of endless opportunity. People from all walks of life come here for the sole purpose of following their dreams. There are many museums in Los Angeles like the Hammer that will inspire anyone to embrace their freak flag. Whether you identify with a group or as an individual, in LA you will always find a place where you belong.