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Images via Global Goods Partners Website


Catherine Lieber Shimony and Joan Shrifin, the women who gave life to Global Goods Partners, are not only killing the boss lady game but also making the world a better place. Global Goods Partners is dedicated to creating better social and economic lives for women artists and their families in 20 of the world’s poorest communities in the Global South.


The Global Goods Partners Mission

Global Goods Partners (GGP) is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to

alleviating poverty and promoting social justice

in the Global South. Founded in 2005, GGP creates economic opportunity for women in some of the world’s poorest communities by providing access to the US market for the fair trade, handmade products they produce. Working in partnership with more than

40 partners in 20 countries,

GGP provides technical assistance, product development, operational expertise and small capacity building grants to our community based partners. With this support,

GGP is empowering women to create sustainable change

-advancing the health and well-being of their families and communities.


What was the inspiration?

Catherine and Joan spent some time traveling the globe to bring to support economic programs in poverty-stricken communities. While there they continued to meet extremely talented women artisans who were not able to create a sustainable lifestyle via their craft because of not having access to the fair trade market. GGP Founders were then inspired to create change by giving women and their communities the opportunity to sell their handmade and fair trade goods to the consumer market for fair living wages.


How do they do this?

They certainly did not pull this off without an extreme amount of effort and care. They started by becoming a Fair Trade Federation Member and have the support of 40 partners in 20 different countries. Working with their partners and the communities, they provide product development, operational expertise, capacity-building grants, and technical assistance.


A bulleted list of what they do:


  • Collectively Employ 3,000 Women in 20 Countries

  • Support Sustainable Community Development by Ensuring Women are Paid Fair Living Wages

  • Support Women & Community-based Programs that Support Education for Children, Healthcare, Adult Literacy Programs, Sustainable Agricultural Practices, Human Rights Training and MUCH MORE…

  • Offer Individuals & Organizations Access to Get Involved via their TAKE ACTION PROGRAM


While browsing the site and at a few of our favorite boutiques, we found that GGP is particularly helpful when looking to buy gifts for others. As some of the images above show, their goods range from dainty and trendy handcrafted jewelry to baby shower gift sets. Did we mention that there is also a pretty nice selection of home and regular accessories? Oh my totes, baskets and candles!


So fashionistas, how does beautiful and AUTHENTIC handmade jewelry and goods from your favorite conscious boutique sound? With each purchase you’re not only helping to support a local small business owner’s dream, you’re also taking part in creating sustainable change for women and their families. Not that there needs to be a reason to shop but we’d say that this is pretty good motivation.


Let’s come together and engage with GGP to promote social justice and end global poverty!

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