Meet Our Maker

Admin · 07/17/2017

Meet OUR Maker

First Post of the “Meet The Maker” Blog Series


USUALLY this monthly blog series will be about people that inspire us from Boutique Owners to Fashion Designers! However, we figured we'd start by telling you a little more about who we are and how we got our start.

SO, Meet OUR Maker, Brandy! Brandy has spent over a decade in the fashion industry working alongside Designers, Boutique Owners in showrooms, at tradeshows, so on and so forth. From Brandy herself…



I had a desire to help Small Business Owners because of their expansive creativity and unstoppable drive! I wanted to have a part in shedding some light on these fabulous people and Boutiques! Nowadays, there are so many business marketing opportunities and different platforms that it can be overwhelming. Butiqe is here to help with that! Butiqe is dialed-in to the needs of Boutiques and Small Busines Owners by providing a convenient and easy-to-use location-based app for fashionistas to find Boutiques they may have otherwise walked right by. We are the bigger “WELCOME” that invites customers to actually come into a store via location-based technology. Our app allows potential customers to view boutiques nearby along with current inventory and featured items. Butiqe is a cooler and more contemporary space for boutiques to showcase their stores.


How & When?

Since working with Boutiques starting in 2005, I saw a need for an Online Boutique Directory but was not able to execute this until much later. In 2015, while my husband attended USC, he based one of his GIS (Geographic Information Systems) projects on this collaborative idea that had been brewing for years; He saw a need to help me transform my passion to a reality. From that USC project, Butiqe was born! Talk about a perfect romantic gesture for this 21st century modern marriage! Let’s just say while most wives receive flowers and designer bags, I was more than happy to be gifted with technology, investment and an opportunity to build a business. Most importantly, I was incredibly ecstatic to have an opportunity help support local businesses in an industry that I love so much!


What Now?

We are in what we refer to as, “the momentum building stage.” We have plans to be present for all of the relevant fashion tradeshows, to work collaboratively with Boutiques all over the U.S. (to start) and to network with Small Business Owners to demonstrate the value of Butiqe and the potential growth of business. We’re confident in and very excited for the next year of endeavors!



We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about us and we can’t wait to collaborate with Boutique Owners and get Fashionistas back to the boutique to shop local wherever they are!


...Tune in next week for our blog post about Brands We LOVE and look forward to all our Blog Series monthly posts (on a weekly basis).



Meet The Maker

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