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Admin · 09/05/2017

Los Angeles has always been a melting pot for creatives to connect and inspire one another. Living in a metropolitan city has its perks because the diversity of people adds to the culture. Always somewhere new to eat and someone new to meet.

Over the past few years Smorgasburg has become very popular in the Downtown Los Angeles scene-- a foodies paradise and a feast on fashion. As I scarfed down Workaholics red cabbage and activated charcoal Korean Mandu dumplings,I couldn't help but notice what people were wearing at Smorgasburg.

Lately, street style looks saturated by the sway of the internet and the key influencers that are dominate the fashion world through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter such as: the obvious Kardashian family, Rihanna, and it models like Bella Hadid. The street style trends I saw from the visitors attending Smorgasburg is apparent in the pictures below and validates the cult-like following phenomenon from social media has trickled into our daily outfits. BDSM chokers, sheer lingerie, bralettes, looser fitting silhouettes, and sneakers are the effortless sexy cool look every girl is trying to pull off. Women are not afraid to wear suggestive clothing that displays their sexual energy in a positive light. The “girly girl look” is no longer popular amongst the youth which begs the question, are influencers controlling what we wear or are they too mimicking what is going on in pop culture and the world?

With an understanding that weare all exposed to the same content on the various social platforms we use, it’s no wonder that everyone is starting to look alike. The 90s ‘cool girl look’, which is casual and undeniably sexy, screams rebellion and comfort. The look of not trying to impress anyone is clear; the I just rolled out of bed look in my lingerie and plan to kick some a** in my sneakers and look good doing so. Women are walking billboards powerfully demonstrating their need to be seen as both sexy and serious.

My only hope for the future of fashion is that the attention the internet brings to trends doesn’t turn into overexposure. Let’s keep it original. Hopefully instead fashionistas are compelled to find inspiration from the streets and their own ideas. As individuals, it’s important to pay attention and now allow influencers and brands to dictate the clothes we purchase and how we wear them.  


Scroll down below to see the featured street style at Smorgasburg, and let us know what you think the ‘90s Cool Girl Look’ will morph into next.

Sheer Lingerie & Air Max’s +Kimono


BDSM Chokers+ Nightgowns+ Converse


Layered Bralettes+Mules+Boyfriend Jeans


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