Waverly Boutique Manhattan Beach

Admin · 08/03/2016

Waverly Boutique – Manhattan Beach

Every beach town has its own unique culture and vibe—one that can be instantly recognizable in a photo or in someone’s style. Marissa Marsh, owner of Waverly Boutique in Manhattan Beach, CA, helps create that vibe for locals, shoppers and tourists. Waverly opened its doors in 2012, inviting locals to a special and personal shopping experience. Her boutique exudes a relaxed and welcoming feel, making use of neutral tones and a bright backdrop. Not to mention their genuine and helpful customer service. In addition to Waverly’s beach-chic apparel, clients can also find accessories from sunglasses to scarves to handbags. Marissa stays “tuned in” with her customers and loves observing their ever-evolving styles. She also uses her fellow Manhattan Beach’ers as influences when she does her buying. Although Waverly Boutique features many brands, some of Marissa’s favorites include Faithfull The Brand, Blue Life, Lovers + Friends and Auguste. Among the trends Marissa and her customers love this summer season are off-the-shoulder anything, rompers and jumpsuits. The continued boho trend has long been a staple of this beautiful beachfront boutique.Recently Waverly expanded its inventory to include select home decor items and an adorable section of baby & kids fashions. Marissa sees promising opportunities for business growth, including possibly opening a second Waverly Boutique in the South Bay in the future. For now she is grateful to share her sense of style and design with customers.

You will often see Marissa manning her store with her adorable baby boy. New baby section fully loaded with unique finds.







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