What’s Butiqe all about?

The Butiqe web and mobile app form an innovative (and much-needed) sales and marketing tool serving the boutique fashion industry, a $28 billion annual market whose performance and growth have been (strongly) challenged by the rise in online retail.

Butiqe offers a hands-on, personal shopping experience where you can find the latest trends through your mobile device - all location-based advertising.

For fashion shoppers at home or on the move, Butiqe connects them with specialty stores -- and in turn connects those stores with shoppers. The Butiqe mission is to help strengthen the foundation of boutique business and help guide shoppers back to where they started; making in store purchases.

What type of specialty stores are in the Butiqe Directory

Butiqe list stores in all shapes and sizes. Our partners range from women’s fashions, men’s apparel, even kids and infants boutiques. Non-apparel partners include home, gift and accessory marketers for the boutique industry.

Is my store “big enough” to warrant a Butiqe listing?

While Butiqe does not require any kind sort of price-point-to-play, it is intended to enhance the sales performance of specialty stores by connecting them with real, often high-end, shoppers. For Butiqe, what’s just as important than the price of the transaction is our multifaceted family of partners, all of whom share our vision in both spirit and performance.

It appears a membership is required to list on Butiqe. How much does it cost?

We offer a flexible level of participation, from modest to longer-term. Please see our Membership page to select which Butique partnership is right for your store.

How do I set up a Butiqe page and add items? Or edit my page later?

We have detailed instructions on setting up your account, and acquainting you with Butiqe’s recommended practices for optimizing the effectiveness of your messaging and marketing.

Does Butiqe work with partners on imagery and graphics?

Yes we do. Our Photography and Graphic Standards page has more details in terms of capabilities and requirements.

How can I advertise on Butiqe?

Easy. You can fill out an online Contact Form, or email us at sales@butiqe.com or call 213- 999-2482 to connect with our sales and support team.