Butiqe gives store owners the ability to customize the look of their profile pages. We encourage you to be as creative, individualistic and functional with your Butiqe page as you are with your store and inventory. The choice is yours on how you wish to be represented to the world of consumers who will view your page and items. However, there are a few simple guidelines that are required to ensure the images loaded onto the directory are of optimal quality. We want everyone who’s part of the Butiqe community to be represented, visually, in the best possible light.

Following are our guidelines for source images and graphics you provide:

  • Use the highest resolution setting as possible. Our website and mobile app are designed to resample/resize images and graphics as necessary for optimal quality and smallest file size. In other words, it is much easier for us to retain image quality by down sampling, if necessary, rather than up sampling
  • Items should be photographed with sufficient lighting and be clear, sharply focused and non-distorted
  • If using image filtering, such effects must not give a false impression of what a product looks like in person.
  • Items shown on your page should be part of your in-stock inventory


Reminder: the purpose of the Butiqe app is for shoppers to be able to locate in-stock items so they can walk right in, try them on and purchase them. We are working with you to help boost in-store traffic and sales by bringing back a personal shopping experience to customers. Your messaging and marketing on Butiqe should be consistent with what you offer in your store.

  • Acceptable image formats are .jpg, .png, .gif. Photo-editing software can save images in any of these formats.
  • Images that make use of transparent backgrounds, such as your company’s logo, work best if they are saved in .png format
  • Regarding copyright issues, please only use photos and graphics that belong to you and/or that you have permission to use